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Research Interests and Publications

My major research interests focus on visual perception, mathematical psychology and psychophysics. I'm particularly fascinated by certain topics in color perception like the perception of secondary illuminated surfaces, the regularities in the physical domain and it's relationship to perceptual regularities ("emergence of color categories") and  some more mathematical topics like the geometry of covariance structures ("sphericity"). 

Master Thesis

Ziervogel, A. (2010). Diplomarbeit. Hauptteil und Anhang

Talk: Looking into the unknown corners of visual perception.

A study towards the compensation for secondary illumination in virtual three dimensional scenes.

Ziervogel, A. (2014). Looking into the unknown corners of visual perception… (click to enlarge)

Lecture: Spatial Aspects of Color Constancy

Ziervogel, A. (2006). Vortrag Farbkonstanz. (click to enlarge)

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