All figures presented on this site were taken from:
Hamburger, K. (2005). Color assimilation as a grouping factor. Gestalt Theory, 27 (2), 155-163.

Fig1b Fig2

Figure 1b:
Computerized version of the GOLOMB assimilation pattern. The black disks had a diameter of 0.95 deg while the colored rings had a width of 0.19 deg. The whole stimulus pattern sustended 18.43 deg.

Figure 2:
Inversion of the GOLOMB pattern (Figure 1b).

Fig3 Fig6

Figure 3:
The black disks were replaced by black annuli of 0.03 deg on the inside of the colored rings.

Figure 6:
Colored annuli of 0.03 deg in width were added on the inside and outside of the colored rings of Figure 1. Physically, the ring colors (yellow, red, and blue) were identical in each column. Perceptual shifts in ring color appear due to the small annuli.

Fig9 Fig10

Figure 9:
Black disks were surrounded by two colored rings of the same width (0.19 deg).

Figure 10:
Similar pattern as shown in Figure 9 except that this time the black disks were removed.

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