Kolloquium der Abteilung Allgemeine Psychologie
Current Topics in Perception and Cognition
WS 2010/11

Seminars take place Wednesdays at 10 am in room F9, unless noted otherwise.
October 20 NO SEMINAR
October 27 NO SEMINAR
November 3 Stefan Blaschke (Göttingen) Orienting Attention in Time in a Time Perception Task: Knowing “when” helps to know “how long”
November 10 Alan Johnston (UC London) Visual time perception
November 17 Elisabeth Hein (Paris) The role of features in object correspondence
November 24 Roberta Klatzky (Pittsburgh) Koffka Award lecture: What is the modality of spatial perception? (14:15, Room A1)
December 1 Marianne Maertens (Berlin) The perception of brightness and its measurement
December 8 Ziad Hafed ( Tübingen) Physiology of active vision
December 15

Steve Shevell (Chicago) The perception of colors seen in context

January 12 NO SEMINAR (Color Group Meeting in London)
January 19 Fred Hamker (Chemnitz) Peri-saccadic perception
January 26 Peter König (Osnabrück) On the relatio n of action & perception
February 2 Marc Himmelbach (Tübingen) Visual streams - a simple story becomes complex
February 9  
February 16  

For previous seminars, see http://www.allpsych.uni-giessen.de/kolloquium/oldkolloquia.php