Prof. Dr.

Andreas Jansen

Prof. Dr. Andreas Jansen

Prof. Dr. Andreas Jansen

My research deals with the investigation of the basic neural principles underlying cognitive functions. I address these questions using multimodal imaging techniques, in particular magnetic resonance imaging, and network modelling techniques (e.g. Dynamic Causal Modelling, DCM). Current projects deal, among others, with the question which neural networks are responsible for the perception of faces and facial emotions, how the hemispheres interact during these tasks and how internal representations, e.g. of faces, influence the processing of stimuli.

Contact details
Philipps-University Marburg
Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Rudolf-Bultmann-Str. 8
35039 Marburg, Germany
+49 (0)6421 58 65273


  • Frässle, S., Sommer, J., Jansen, A., Naber, M., & Einhäuser, W. (2014). Binocular rivalry - frontal activity relates to introspection and action, but not to perception. Journal of Neuroscience, 34, 1738-1747. find paper

former project-related publications

  • Green, A., Straube, B., Weis, S., Jansen, A., Willmes, K., Konrad, K., & Kircher, T. (2009). Neural integration of iconic and unrelated coverbal gestures: a functional MRI study. Human Brain Mapping, 30(10), 3309–3324.