Anna Thorwart

Dr. Anna Thorwart

Dr. Anna Thorwart

I am interested in how we learn about apparently simple relationships between events based on our experience with these events. For example how we learn the relationship between "raining" and clues that precede "raining", e.g. a certain kind of cloud, or people carrying an umbrella, and the cloud symbol on today's front page of the local newspaper. To investigate the processes and mechanisms responsible for such learning, I am using mainly associative learning models as a theoretical basis, and human causal learning and eye-tracking during computer games as empirical counterparts.

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Philipps-University Marburg
FB 04 Psychology
Gutenbergstr. 18
35032 Marburg, Germany
+49 (0)6421 28 23670
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Alte Jaegerkaserne, 01053

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