Jan Churan

Dr.  Jan Churan

Dr. Jan Churan

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Philipps University Marburg
FB 13 Neurophysics
Karl-von-Frisch-Str. 8a
35032 Marburg, Germany
+49 (0)6421 2824115
+49 (0)6421 2824169

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  • Bremmer, F., Kaminiarz, A., Klingenhoefer, S., & Churan, J. (2016). Decoding Target Distance and Saccade Amplitude from Population Activity in the Macaque Lateral Intraparietal Area (LIP). Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience, 10:30. find paper
  • Churan J , Paul J, Klingenhoefer S, Bremmer F (2017). Integration of visual and tactile information in reproduction of traveled distance. J Neurophysiology, in press. DOI find paper
  • Churan, J., Braun, D. I., Gegenfurtner, K. R., & Bremmer, F. (2018). Comparison of the precision of smooth pursuit in humans and head unrestrained monkeys. Journal of Eye Movement Research, 11(4).
  • Churan, J., von Hopffgarten, A., & Bremmer, F. (2018). Eye movements during path integration. Physiological reports, 6(22), e13921. find paper
  • M.W. Greenlee, S.M. Frank, M. Kaliuzhna, O. Blanke, F. Bremmer, J. Churan, L.F. Cuturi, P.R. MacNeilage, & A.T. Smith (2016). Multisensory integration in self motion perception. Multisensory Research. 29(6-7), 525-556. find paper

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