Dr. Billino

Value-based modulation of perception and action across the adult life spanB5

Planned research

Aging offers a unique window to neuronal changes and how these challenge the complexity of functional mechanisms. This project is concerned with value-based modulation of perception and action across the adult life span. Valuation has been identified as potential compensatory mechanism during aging, but it is closely linked to cognitive control that is known to decline with age. We will focus on the interface of valuation and cognitive control. We aim to disentangle motivational and cognitive contributions to functional age differences and identify potentially beneficial or detrimental interactions.

Current research

This project is concerned with age effects on value-based modulation of visuo-motor control. We will explore how aging affects the mechanisms by which value information guides movements as well as the integration of different value signals for motor adaptation and fine tuning of motor actions. Specific age effects will elucidate how valuation shapes visuo-motor control and furthermore characterize plasticity processes.

new project-related publications

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former project-related publications

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