Prof. Dr. Gegenfurtner, Prof. Dr. Schütz, Dr. Valsecchi, Dr. Helf

NeurOscientific Workflow Assistance (NOWA) INF

In order to enhance reproducibility of all steps in the lifecycle of a scientific study, from planning experiments to publishing data, the proposed information infrastructure project aims at creating an organizational and technological framework, supporting workflows along the entire data lifecycle. The envisaged workflow assistance is defined as a suite of data management guidelines put into practice by awareness-raising, support, and training on the one hand, and a coherent set of data science tools on the other hand.

new project-related publications

  • Arendt, T., Brand, O., Krippes, C., Gabriel, A., Valsecchi, M., Helf, C., Gegenfurtner, K. R., Schütz, A. C. (Januar, 2019). NeurOscientific Workflow Assistance. Poster präsentiert an der DINI Jahrestagung 2018, Bielefeld, Deutschland. find poster

former project-related publications