Kolloquium der Abteilung Allgemeine Psychologie
Current Topics in Perception and Cognition
WS 2011/2012

Seminars take place Wednesdays at 10 am in room F9, unless noted otherwise.
October 26 Denis Pelli (New York) Object recognition and decision making
November 2 Frans Verstraten (Utrecht) Transparent motion makes adaptation transparent
November 8 (Tue, 18:15) Pascal Mamassian (Paris) Uncertainty and confidence in visual perception
November 16 Zhuanghua Shi (München) Multisensory perception and action
November 21 (Mon,11:30) Celine Paeye (Lille) Saccadic adaptation by reinforcement (NOTE DIFFERENT TIME AND DAY)
November 30 Rebekka Lencer (Münster) A model of smooth pursuit eye movements in psychotic disorders
December 7 Tobias Heed (Hamburg) Reference frames for touch in action and perception
December 14

Roland Baddeley (Bristol) Why we look where we do

January 11 Lore Thaler (Durham) Echolocation in blind people: Brain activity and behavior
January 18 Peter Wühr (Dortmund) Working-memory as perception-action interface. Evidence from studies on spatial S-R correspondence
January 25 NO SEMINAR (VSS scheduling)
February 1 Joshua Solomon (London) Recognition after recollection: Coping with variable memory strengths
February 8 Alexander Gail (Göttingen) Selecting among rule-based motor goals

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