The Making of a Neuromorphic Visual System

Springer, 2005

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If you happen to be a vision scientist then you may recognize some of the caricatures. Guess who is steering the galley. Right, it is Marr's cylinder representation. Watch the waves, aren't there some Gabor waves in there, or an integrating integrate-and-fire neuron? The figure head is Binford's representation of a snake with a generalized cone. Biederman's penguin is watching out on the top, sitting in an inverted transistor. The flag contains a series of spikes. The sail contains the growing symmetric-axes by Blum. The galleon is loaded with furniture - objects that I used for my computer vision simulations, a brain, a set of orientation columns. Check out the flags: the ones on the left contain electronic components like resistors, capacitances: the ones on the right are retinal cells. The sides are decorated with various stimuli used in neurophysiological experiments.

Christoph Rasche