Vision Links

Illustration, Illusion

Usefulnumbers in vision science: by Brian Wandell (thelist)
Dictionary:containing plenty of terms, by Lars Liden

The Joy of VisualPerception: an on-line book by Prof K Kaiser

Viperlib a perception library with lots of scientific material and other links.

Optical and visual illusion: very nice collection by Michael Bach.
Illusion Gallery: by David T. Landrigan.

Stimulation, Drawing, Databases

DMDX homepage: high accuracy stimulation
Psychophysics toolbox home page: Matlab stimulation under Windows

Tgif: drawing program, vector based and enormously powerful, free of charge!, on linux only

The Amsterdam Library of Object Images: 1000 objects photographed under plenty of conditions
Label Me: image database, whose access is dependent on labeling some images (very clever)

Neural Signals: signal database with recordings from various animals/areas, provided by Wyeth Bair

Computational Webpages

Object Recognition: Lowe's personal homepage, publications and SCERPO system
Image Processing: on Gabor filters, contour extraction and texture segragation (with interactive examples)
James Wang: demos on image retrieval from databases
Peter Kovesi: Matlab functions for computer vision and image analysis
Early Visual Processing: a programming environment for realistic early cortical simulations, provided by Tino Lourens
Digital Signal Processing book: by Smith, easy reading!

Societies, Journals

Vision Sciences Society

Vision Research
Journal of Vision, Manuscript Central
Visual Cognition