Recommended Reading

- The following two books are recommended for computer vision scientists attempting to move toward human models of perception and recognition:


Active Vision: The Psychology of Looking and Seeing [Amazon link]

John M Findlay and Iain D Gilchrist

1) Compact overview of essential eye-movement studies.

2) A convincing summary of arguments against the excessive ‘use’ of attentional shifts.


Vision Science: Photons to Phenomenology [Amazon link]

Stephen E Palmer

1)     An opus, settled at the interface of psychology, neuroscience and computer science.

2)     Explains the topic as a whole.



- The following two are recommended when plunging into psychophysical aspects of vision:


Visual Perception: Physiology, Psychology, Ecology [Amazon link]

Vicki Bruce, Mark A. Georgeson and Patrick R. Green

Covers rather early stages of vision.


Foundations of Vision [Amazon link]

Brian A. Wandell

            Covers also early stages of vision.



- Books for natural scientists moving toward computer science/computer vision:


Digital Signal Processing: A Practical Guide for Engineers and Scientists

Steven Smith

            Contains only the essential equations for purposes of clarity.


Machine Vision [Amazon link]

Ramesh Jain, Rangachar Kasturi  and Brian G. Schunck

            The basics simply explained.



- For anyone trying to grasp the complexity of representation:


Society of Mind [Amazon link]

Marvin Minsky

On the representational complexity of the brain