Michael Joch

Justus-Liebig Universität Gießen FB 06 Psychologie und Sportwissenschaft
Kugelberg 62
35394 Gießen

+49 (0)641 99 25 255 MFG - 060 E-Mail senden Website besuchen


Projektrelevante Veröffentlichungen
Joch, M., Döhring, F. R., Maurer, L. K., & Müller, H. (2018). Inference statistical analysis of continuous data based on confidence bands—Traditional and new approaches. Behavior research methods, 1-14. find paper DATA
Joch, M., Hegele, M., Maurer, H., Müller, H., & Maurer, L. K. (2018a). Accuracy of motor error predictions for different sensory signals. Frontiers in psychology, 9, 1376 .find paper DOI
Maurer, L. K., Joch, M., Hegele, M., & Müller, H. (2021). Focused review on neural correlates of error valuation in motor tasks and related terminological issues regarding the source of error information. Journal of Human Kinetics. find paper
Maurer, L. K., Joch, M., Hegele, M., Maurer, H., & Müller, H. (2019). Predictive error processing distinguishes between relevant and irrelevant errors after visuomotor learning. Journal of Vision, 19(4):18, 1-13. find paper
Ältere projektrelevante Veröffentlichungen
Joch , M., Hegele , M., Maurer, H., Müller , H., & Maurer , L. K. (2017b). Online movement monitoring modulates feedback processing in motor learning: an analysis of event-related potentials. Journal of Motor Learning and Development , in press. find paper
Joch, M., Hegele, M., Maurer, H., Müller, H., & Maurer, L. K. (2017a). Brain negativity as an indicator of predictive error processing-The contribution of visual action effect monitoring. Journal of Neurophysiology , jn-00036. DOI find paper
Joch, M., Jäger, J.M., Maurer, H., Maurer, L.K. & Müller, H. (2017). Artificial Neural Networks Predicting the Outcome of a Throwing Task – Effects of input quantity and quality. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, in press. find paper