GGL - International Giessen Graduate Centre for the Life Sciences

Karriereworkshops & Beratung Gießen

The GGL provides an interdisciplinary, concisely structured graduate programme for all life science disciplines at the JLU. In the GGL, doctoral projects are embedded in topic-oriented research sections. Admission is international, and teaching is carried out in English.

Study Calendar

Doctoral Development Programme

The Doctoral Development Programme is designed to accompany you through your doctoral studies and prepare you for your future career. 

Sections: Research Environment, Research Management, Communication Skills, Networking and Teamwork, Computing and Software, Career Management 

Postdoc Programme

Are you prepared to run your own lab? Are you prepared to teach your own courses? Are you prepared to work in an industrial setting? These are fundamental questions for most of the postdoc's in the life sciences. The GGL-postdoc programme is dedicated to help you answering your questions to your professional development.


Women in the Life Sciences

Since 2010, the GGL has been committed to raising awareness of gender issues in the life sciences. With our programme “Women in the Life Sciences,” we support our female doctoral students by identifying and promoting their strengths and qualifications in addition to their scientific achievements. 

Job Orientation in the Life Sciences

You want to pursue a career in the industry? Then "Job Orientation in the Life Sciences"(JOLS) is the right program for you! The program content is designed to provide doctoral students, who wish to pursue a career in the industry, with career development opportunities and supervision.

Workshops: Develop yourself and gain valuable competencies for a career in the industry.

Company visits: Get to know your potential employers.

Job Shadowing: Get the chance to observe somebody in your dream job for a few days and find out what a typical workday looks like.

Peer Mentoring