Prof. Dr. Schwarzer and Dr. Jovanovic

How motor experiences shape infants' predictive visual-spatial abilities: Specifying the mediating processes

Planned research

Project A7 aims to identify the mediators by which infants' locomotion and manual object exploration skills exert an influence on their predictive visual-spatial abilities. By using eye-tracking, EEG recording, and systematically restricting infants' possible range of manual object explorations, we will investigate whether changes in infants' visual and visual-haptic spatial encoding can be regarded as mediators between their motor skills and improved visual-spatial predictions. 

Current research

In our work plan we aim to examine the relationship between infants' ability to visually and manually predict the movement of an object and their motor skills. We will analyze infants’ anticipatory eye-movements and anticipatory handshapes when moving objects are presented. We also seek to investigate whether improvements in predictive abilities are indeed caused by infants’ motor skills. To this end, we will design relevant training studies.

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