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Dipl.-Psych. Gesche Hübner

Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen 
Fachbereich 06, Psychologie und Sportwissenschaft
Abteilung Allgemeine Psychologie
Otto-Behaghel-Strasse 10F
35394 Giessen

Campus: Building F1, Room 317
Phone: +49(0)641 / 99-26103
Fax: +49(0)641 / 99-26119

Member of the Graduate Program "NeuroAct“

Diploma in Psychology, 2007 University of Giessen
Diploma thesis: Visual Memory for Briefly Presented Natural Objects. Unpublished.

Research Interests:
Visual Memory, Eye Movements

Dr. Benjamin Tatler (University of Dundee)

Scientific manuscripts and presentations:

Journal Articles

Huebner, G.M. & Gegenfurtner, K.R. (2009). Effects of viewing time, fixations, and viewing strategies on visual memory for briefly presented natural objects. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, in press.

Wallis, G., Backus, B. T., Langer, M., Huebner, G., & Bülthoff, H. 2009 Learning illumination- and orientation-invariant representations of objects through temporal association. Journal of Vision, 9(7):6, 1-8.


ECVP 2009: Hübner, G. M., Tatler, B. W. & Gegenfurtner, K. R. (2009). Object memory and eye movements are influenced by what you ask and how you ask it. Perception 38 ECVP Abstract Supplement, page 168.

VSS 2009: Huebner, G. M., Wille, J., & Gegenfurtner, K. R. (2009). Memory for natural images: The role of visual and conceptual features [Abstract].
Journal of Vision, 9(8):567, 567a.

ECVP 2008: Hübner, G. M. & Gegenfurtner, K. R. (2008). Visual memory: the effects of time, fixations, and presentation mode. Perception 37 ECVP Abstract Supplement, page 159.

Teap 2008: Huebner, G.M. & Gegenfurther, K.R. (2008). Visual Short-Term Memory: The Effect of Presentation Time and Fixations [Abstract].
In Kader, P., Jost, K., Lachnit, H., & Rösler, F., (eds.), Beiträge zur 50. Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen. p. 247. Lengerich: Pabst Science.

VSS 2007: Huebner, G.M., Gohlke, B., & Gegenfurtner, K.R. (2007). Effects of saccadic eye movements on visual memory for natural objects [Abstract].
Journal of Vision, 7(9): 860, 860a.