Kolloquium der Abteilung Allgemeine Psychologie I
Current Topics in Perception and Cognition
SS 2011

Seminars take place Wednesdays at 10 am in room F9, unless noted otherwise.
April 20 Frank Jäkel (Osnabrück) Categorization: from psychology to machine learning and back
April 27 Werner Schneider (Bielefeld) Shared control processes of covert visual attention, overt eye movements and visual working memory
May 4 Jürgen Golz (Kiel)
May 11 Vision Sciences Society Meeting (Naples, FL USA)
May 18 Simona Monaco (Toronto) Neural substrates involved in processing three-dimensional object properties for grasping
May 25 Bart Anderson (Sydney)
June 1 Workshop Perception of material properties (Rauischholzhausen)
June 8

Thomas Otto (Paris) Noise and correlations in parallel perceptual decision making

June 15 Philipp Sterzer (Berlin) Ambiguities and conflicts in visual information processing
June 22 Concetta Morrone and David Burr (Pisa): Koffka-Award-Lecture
June 29 Heiner Deubel (München) Attentional landscapes before eye-hand movements
July 6 Yves Trotter (Toulouse) Neuronal processing of 3D space in primate

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