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Research group
Perception and Action

Graduate school

Sensory-Motor Decision-Making

Ph. D. Matteo Valsecchi

Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen 
Fachbereich 06, Psychologie und Sportwissenschaft
Abteilung Allgemeine Psychologie
Otto-Behaghel-Strasse 10F
35394 Giessen

Campus: Building F1, Room 304
Phone: +49(0)641 / 99-26108
Fax: +49(0)641 / 99-26119


    Research Interests

      Visual Perception
      Eye Movements

    Publications (since joining the University of Giessen)


      Chen, J.,Valsecchi, M., & Gegenfurtner, K.R. (in press). LRP predicts smooth pursuit eye movement onset during the ocular tracking of self-generated movements. Journal of Neurophysiology.
      Valsecchi, M., & Gegenfurtner, K.R. (2016). Dynamic Re-calibration of Perceived Size in Fovea and Periphery through Predictable Size Changes. Current Biology, 26, 59-63.
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      Valsecchi, M., & Gegenfurtner, K.R. (2015). Control of binocular gaze in a high-precision manual task. Vision Research, 110, 203-214.
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      Wiebel, C.B.,Valsecchi, M., & Gegenfurtner, K.R. (2014). Early differential processing of material images: Evidence from ERP classification. Journal of Vision, 14(7): 10.
      Scocchia, L.,Valsecchi, M., Gegenfurtner, K.R., &Triesch, J. (2014). Differential effects of visual attention and working memory on binocular rivalry. Journal of Vision, 14(5): 13.
      Granzier, J.J.M., & Valsecchi, M. (2014). Variations in daylight as a contextual cue for estimating season, time of day, and weather conditions. Journal of Vision, 14(1): 22.
      Valsecchi, M., Toscani, M., & Gegenfurtner, K.R. (2013). Perceived numerosity is reduced in peripheral vision. Journal of Vision, 13(13): 7.
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      Valsecchi, M., & Gegenfurtner, K.R. (2012). On the Contribution of Binocular Disparity to the Long-Term Memory for Natural Scenes. PLoS ONE, 7(11), e49947.
      Bottari, D., Valsecchi, M., & Pavani, F. (2012). Prominent reflexive eye-movement orienting associated with deafness. Cognitive Neuroscience, 3, 8-13.

    A complete list of publications and the reprints of the papers are available here.