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Applications are invited for up to 5 Ph. D. studentships in the lab of Prof. Karl R. Gegenfurtner at Giessen University

In the various research projects, the relationship between perception and motor control is explored. The students will work under the guidance of Karl Gegenfurtner, Doris Braun, Volker Franz, Knut Drewing and Thomas Schmidt. Possible projects include the relationship between motion perception and smooth pursuit eye movements, the control of saccadic eye movements when looking for targets in natural scenes, effects of memory on grasping movements, the combination of cues from multiple modalities, or effects of unconscious priming stimuli on motor behavior.

Representative publications:
  • Braun, D.I., Pracejus, L. & Gegenfurtner, K.R. (2006) Motion aftereffect elicits smooth pursuit eye movements. Journal of Vision, 6, 671-684. http://journalofvision.org/6/7/1
  • White, B., Gegenfurtner, K.R. & Kerzel, D. (2005) Effects of structured non-target stimuli on saccadic latency. Journal of Neurophysiology, 93, 3214-3423.
  • Franz VH, Scharnowski F, Gegenfurtner KR. (2005) Illusion effects on grasping are temporally constant not dynamic. J Exp Psychol Hum Percept Perform. 31(6):1359-1378.
  • Schmidt T, Niehaus S, Nagel A. (2006) Primes and targets in rapid chases: tracing sequential waves of motor activation. Behav Neurosci. 120(5):1005-1016.
  • Drewing K, Ernst MO. (2006) Integration of force and position cues for shape perception through active touch. Brain Res. 1078(1):92-100.

The lab offers excellent facilities for studying visual perception and motor control. We are part of a larger research group on perception and action (http://www.allpsych.uni-giessen.de/for560) with excellent links to scientists within Europe and world wide. The group offers a stimulating, multi-national and multi-disciplinary research environment for young scientists (http://www.allpsych.uni-giessen.de). The city of Giessen is a small university town, located just 60 km north of Frankfurt near the river Lahn.

The postholders will be responsible for setting-up laboratory experiments, recruiting and testing participants, analyzing data, developing models and publication of results.

Applications are invited from candidates with a higher degree (diploma or MS) in subjects related to aspects of neuroscience including psychology, computer science, biological sciences, and engineering. Applicants should have knowledge and skills in at least one of the following areas: computer programming; visual psychophysics; experimental psychology, quantitative methods. Of course, applicants are expected to have a strong interest in human visual perception.

The positions can start anytime between January and August 2008. Applications will be considered until all 5 positions are filled. Salary is according to German salary scale 0.5 BAT IIa or equivalent.

For an informal discussion of the posts contact Karl Gegenfurnter by phone (+49 641-9926100) or Email (gegenfurtner@uni-giessen.de).

Full applications with the usual materials should be sent before January 10, 2008 via Email in PDF format or to:

Prof. Karl Gegenfurtner, Abteilung Allgemeine Psychologie Justus-Liebig-Universität, Otto-Behaghel-Str. 10, 35394 Giessen

If you do send your application materials by regular mail, please send copies only. Application documents will not be returned.

Giessen university is an equal opportunity employer. Applications of women and disabled persons - given similar qualification - are preferred.

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