Karl R. Gegenfurtner & Lindsay T. Sharpe
Color Vision: From genes to perception
Cambridge University Press, New York, 1999.

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This book documents the present state of understanding about primate color vision in nineteen review articles written by thirty-three leading international experts. The articles range from genes--the molecular genetics of the human cone photopigment genes--to perception--the color processing of complex scenes. The volume includes detailed overviews of such basic topics as cone spectral sensitivity and color processing in the retina and cortex. Introductions to important and innovative technologies such as molecular genetics, anatomical staining, visual psychophysics, intracellular/extracellular physiological recordings and functional magnetic resonance imaging are also provided.

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Part I: Photoreceptors

1. Lindsay T. Sharpe, Andrew Stockman, Herbert Jägle, and Jeremy Nathans: Opsin genes, cone photopigments, color vision, and color blindness

2. Andrew Stockman and Lindsay T. Sharpe: Cone spectral sensitivities and color matching

3. Trevor Lamb: Photopigments and the biophysics of transduction in cone photoreceptors

4. Julie L. Schnapf and David M. Schneeweis: Electrophysiology of cone photoreceptors in the primate retina

5. David R. Williams and Austin Roorda: The trichromatic cone mosaic in the human eye

6. Jan Kremers, Luiz Carlos L. Silveira, Elizabeth S. Yamada, and Barry B. Lee: The ecology and evolution of primate color vision

Part II: Retinal Circuitry

7. Heinz Wässle: Parallel pathways from the outer to the inner retina in primates

8. David J. Calkins: Synaptic organization of cone pathways in the primate retina

9. Dennis M. Dacey and Barry B. Lee: Functional architecture of cone signal pathways in the primate retina

10. Barry B. Lee: Receptor inputs to primate ganglion cells

Part III: Cortical Processing

11. Robert M. Shapley and Michael J. Hawken: Parallel retino-cortical channels and luminance

12. Peter Lennie: Color coding in the cortex

13. Daniel C. Kiper, Jonathan B. Levitt, and Karl R. Gegenfurtner: Chromatic signals in extrastriate areas V2 and V3

14. Brian A. Wandell, Heidi A. Baseler, Allen B. Poirson, Geoffrey M. Boynton, and Stephen A. Engel: Computational neuroimaging: color tuning in two human cortical areas measured using fMRI

15. Michael J. Hawken and Karl R. Gegenfurtner: Interactions between color and motion in the primate visual system

Part IV: Perception

16. John Krauskopf: Higher order color mechanisms

17. Qasim Zaidi: Color and brightness induction: from Mach bands to three-dimensional configurations

18. Rhea T. Eskew Jr., James S. McLellan, and Franco Giulianini: Chromatic detection and discrimination

19. Michael D'Zmura and Benjamin Singer: Contrast gain control

20. Laurence T. Maloney: Physics-based approaches to modeling surface color perception

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